Shri Sai Baba enlightened us by telling “Sabka Malik Ek”. With these teachings, it is natural to say “we all are one; the soul, body & mind”. The only common thing in all human beings on this earth is soul, body & mind. This gives a great feeling of togetherness. It also directs all of us to accept the fact that there’s no concept called ‘religion’; but the only concept of ‘karma dharma’ is the ultimate truth. This is the message of universal brotherhood and integrating mankind.

These basic teachings can only be propagated to every individual only when an education reaches to him or her. Hence proliferation of real education is the need of present and future. The real education can only be imparted when soul, body and mind is educated in concurrence. For me soul symbolizes culture, values and ancient teachings upholding the existence of mankind. Body symbolizes health- sports and physical activities. Mind symbolizes talent applied to development of science and technology for betterment of mankind. These three symbolic things combined together is the real education. This real education will establish harmony on this planet earth with many byproducts useful to human civilization. Hence at Soul, Body & Mind Concurrent Education Trust (SBMCET) we are committed to follow this path of education and drive every human being towards harmony, brotherhood, progress and universal integration. The perfect balance between values, sports & scientific knowledge will be continuously encouraged within students studying at SBMCET. An environment of self realizing healthy soul in healthy mind and healthy body is constantly nurtured at SBMCET.

All basic requirements needed for quality teaching & learning process are fulfilled at SBMCET so that the society & industry specific quality manpower is developed. The emphasis on training & placement of students is given so that students educating at SBMCET excel in all dimensions of life with brighter & brighter career avenues. I wish all the best to all students aspiring to fulfill their ambitions and career goals in life.